Star Trek Insurrection:”Ba’Ku Village” (1998)

“Ba’Ku Village” is a beautiful piece from the opening of Star Trek: Insurrection (1998) by the late Jerry Goldsmith. Composed only two years after First Contact, Goldsmtih did a complete 180 degree turn in the feel of this score, opting for music that was more lyrical and Romantic in style (though still possessing plenty of action cues in the appropriate moments). This piece plays during the opening credits of the film (notably the last Star Trek film to feature credits at the beginning of the film) while the camera pans around the idyllic village of the Ba’Ku people.

As the primary melody ends, the music turns sinister, as it is revealed that the village is being secretly observed by Starfleet and their allies, the So’Nah (who have a secret connection to the Ba’Ku).

Feel free to share thoughts in the comments as well. If you like the music, check out the video below to see the opening credits of the movie (they built the set near Mammoth Lakes in California).

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