The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies- Thorin’s Charge!


Ok, I didn’t want to admit it, but I will: The Hobbit film trilogy has a LOT of problems (not least of which is the fact that the final product barely resembles its source material, don’t get me started on the liberties they took…)

However, despite its issues, The Hobbit did produce some impressive musical moments (since the films were again scored by Howard Shore). One of my favorites comes at the climax of The Battle of Five Armies (or at least one of the climaxes, like I said, the series had problems.)

The Hobbit- “Thorin’s Charge”

To briefly set the scene: Azog’s huge orc army is descending upon The Lonely Mountain with only Dain’s meager forces to defend it (the Elves are currently refusing to fight). Inside the mountain, Thorin (who has spent most of the film obsessed with finding the Arkenstone) finally comes to his senses and announces to his followers that they WILL go out and fight.

Back outside, Azog’s forces are in position and the order is given to advance. But just then…THIS happens


Bombur blows a HUGE fanfare on this gigantic horn that brings all sides to a standstill. (The beauty of this horn call is in its simplicity) A huge golden bell blows out the sealed main gate and then….CHARGE!!


This is one of those perfect film music moments that people like me dream about seeing. Everything is synced together in this moment. Enjoy watching and listening!

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