The Fellowship of the Ring “In Dreams” (2001)

For now, this is the conclusion of The Fellowship of the Ring. “In Dreams” is technically not part of the main soundtrack (you only hear it over the end credits) but it is still a gorgeous piece of music that I want to share with you.

The Fellowship of the Ring “In Dreams” (2001)

“In Dreams” possesses the same melody as “The Shire” and adds lyrics to make a heartwrenching song about meeting those we have lost “in dreams.”

When the cold of Winter comes,

Starless Night will cover Day

In the veiling of the sun,

We will walk in bitter rain…

But in dreams…I can hear your name…

And in dreams…We will meet again

When the seas and mountains fall

And we come, to end of days

In the dark I hear a call, calling me there

I will go there…and back again…

The song is performed by a boy soprano (backed by a choir in various sections) and it is simply beautiful to listen to. And you’ll notice that the final line is a nod to the subtitle of The Hobbit (“There and back again”) which is really cool. A brief personal story, every time I watch The Fellowship of the Ring with my mom, she will not let the DVD be taken out until she’s heard this song (that’s how much she loves it).

Coming up the rest of this week will be the beginning of The Two Towers, the conclusion of The Lion King and The Music of Star Trek Blogathon which begins on Friday!!! Regarding that, I forgot to mention last week that my daily recaps will come at the end of each day because I’ll be visiting family during the hours I normally do my posts. I’ll be back with a little more today, hope everyone has a good Monday (I’m really starting to feel better now) -Becky

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