Soundtrack News: ‘Till Death’ Original Soundtrack Available Now

Now available to purchase and stream from Millennium Media is the chilling score by compsoer Walter Mair for the newly released horror thriller Till Death. The film stars Megan Fox is now in theaters (limited release) as well as available On Demand.

Walter Mair is an Ivor Novello-nominated and Telly Award-winning composer known for his captivating scores ranging from epic orchestrations recorded with 80-piece choirs to intimate, small ensemble and hybrid electronic pieces that have graced a diverse mix of feature films, documentaries, television dramas, narrative-driven interactive entertainment and video games. Walter scored the 2021 survival thriller Till Death, directed by S.K. Dale and starring Megan Fox, as well as the psychological horror film The Unfamiliar, which won the 2021 Telly Award for Best Original Music and an Award for Best Music Score at the 2020 NOLAHFF, and was described by the press as “the Babadook meets Pet Sematary”. Other recent projects include the coming-of-age drama Iceland is Best and the action-thriller Knuckledust, directed by James Kermack and starring Moe Dunford (Vikings), which won the 2021 Telly Award for Best Original Music.

The soundtrack features 16 tracks by Mair who elevated the score and heightened tension in the film with some unique instrumentations. A total sucker for unique instruments, Mair enjoys finding sounds that no one else has. Paired with a selection of hydrophones – instruments which in his own words “resemble the frozen world” of Till Death’s story, he commissioned the build of a bespoke instrument he calls a Contra-Hurdy. The unique Contra-Hurdy he uses in the score is a “Frankenstein instrument” combining the mechanics of a hurdy gurdy, that add pulsating and propelling movement to resonate strings, and the corpus and strings of a large contrabass, more akin to a cello or double bass, that can twist and distort sounds depending on how fast one moves the mechanical parts.

Additionally, Mair employed a foley team to record snow and ice sounds: breaks, cold pressure creaks, and freezing water – which he then pitched and detuned or even slowed down 600% to add extra layers of tension to his score using the very cold itself.

Till Death tells the story of Emma (Fox), who is left handcuffed to her dead husband as part of a sickening revenge plot and must survive two hired killers on their way to finish the job.

Track List

1. Truth Be Told
2. The Cabin
3. Wedding Dress
4. The Necklace
5. Dark Room Pictures
6. Fuel Line
7. Call the Police
8. Bobby Ray
9. Boat House
10. Don’t Be Seen
11. Emma
12. Brothers
13. No Way Out
14. Knife Fight
15. Hold Your Breath
16. Finale

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