Soundtrack News: ‘Pleasure’ Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is Available Now

Milan Records has released PLEASURE (ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SCORE) by musician, composer, arranger and producer Karl Frid. Karl Frid studied classical music at the Royal College of Music in London with trombone as his main instrument, before making a musical U-turn. He went to study Afro-Cuban music at the CNSEA in Havana, Cuba before finishing his studies in Afro-American music at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Since then he has worked as a full time freelance musician, composer, arranger and producer. His vast knowledge in music ranges from classical and jazz to Latin, hip-hop and pop music.

Available everywhere now, the album includes a mix of both original vocal tracks and instrumentals composed by Frid for the Plattform Produktion / NEON drama, which follows an adult film actress as she navigates the industry in Los Angeles.

Working in close collaboration with writer and director Ninja Thyberg, Frid devised a score that vacillates between sacred opera and hardcore hip-hop, a dichotomy echoing the conflict at the heart of the protagonist’s journey. Frid enlisted Swedish soprano Caroline Gentele to perform on the album’s choral-based songs, and rapper-singer Mapei along with producer Ludvig Klint to write and record the soundtrack’s three original hip hop tracks, the resulting 16-track collection coalescing into a truly one-of-a-kind musical universe befitting the onscreen story.

Of the score, composer Karl Frid had the following to say:

“When I first saw a raw cut of Pleasure, I knew I had to do the score. The female gaze on the working conditions from within this huge industry that no one wishes to speak about, let alone even acknowledge the existence of, was as liberatingly upfront and honest as provoking. I aimed to arrive at a musical universe that was not judgmental or too revealing, a process made in close collaboration with director Ninja Thyberg. The mix of sacred opera, vocalized by Caroline Gentele, and the raw and heavy hip hop beats featuring Mapei, created an interesting juxtaposition – that of the main character’s perception of herself in contrast to how men and society see her. The making of the film and the score has been a long journey and I’m very excited to finally share this music with the rest of the world.” 



  1. Pleasure
  2. Confutatis
  3. Una Gioia Sempre Viva
  4. My First Porn
  5. Fata Viam Invenient
  6. Una Gioia (feat. Mapei)
  7. Kink Orgasm
  8. Voca Me Cum Benedictus
  9. Ignis Tartari
  10. Oro Supplex
  11. Hard to the Core (feat. Mapei)
  12. Dai
  13. Confutatis in D Minor
  14. Bella & Joy
  15. Good Girl / Bad Girl (feat. Mapei)
  16. Confutatis in C Minor

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