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New TV series ‘Krypton’ receives a full trailer


Krypton trailer

Okay, I admit, I might be able to get into this series after all.

When it was first announced (what feels like a million years ago) that SyFy was producing a TV show set on Krypton and following Superman’s grandfather as a young man, my first instinct was to roll my eyes and mutter “Great, just what we need, another show to rewrite some of the backstory for Superman.” In another time, I might have been excited about the concept were it not for the fact that I consider myself overexposed to superheroes and their inevitable origin stories. Therefore, I was determined to ignore Krypton.

And then the full trailer came out. Suffice it to say I was…intrigued.

In the trailer, Seg-El (the future Superman’s grandfather) is a young man dealing with the fact that the House of El, hitherto highly respected, has now been ostracized and shamed (for reasons as yet unknown). His life is further turned upside down when he encounters Adam Strange, a time traveler from Earth, who tells Seg-El that he needs to save Krypton because in his (Adam’s) time, Seg-El’s grandson becomes “the greatest hero in the universe.” But this admission of what’s to come leaves Seg-El in a bind (one that I suspect will be the overriding arc of the series): having an idea of what’s to come, does he work to save Krypton from destruction and thereby change history…or does he work to make sure that the original timeline is preserved?

Of course, given that it would cause way too many conundrums to have Krypton be saved, we all know what Seg-El’s eventual decision will be, but I have the feeling the series will (hopefully) take some interesting turns on the way to the inevitable conclusion (aka Krypton goes BOOM!) Would it sound weird if I said I hope that a series finale includes some visuals of Krypton’s destruction? Hopefully the series gets that far, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see for now.

Krypton is currently set to premiere on March 21st, 2018 on the SyFy channel.

Are you excited to learn more about the House of El and seeing life on Krypton before it blew up? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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