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A full trailer for Red Sparrow is here!


Ever since I saw the first teaser, Red Sparrow has been on my radar of films to keep an eye on. Based on the novel of the same name by Jason Matthews, the story will follow Dominika Egorova (the titular “Red Sparrow”) who is trained to spy for Russia via the art of seduction. She is also a highly talented ballerina (though whether this was a part of her life before she began training as a spy or is merely a cover is not known). Her life becomes even more complicated when she is assigned to seduce an agent from the CIA and she finds herself falling in love with him.

Red Sparrow full trailer (2018)

This story about a beautiful Russian spy (who trains at a secret spy school) who is also a talented dancer has inevitably drawn comparisons to Marvel’s Black Widow (and it’s true, the two stories share many similarities, which makes one wonder why Marvel still won’t pull the trigger on giving Natasha a film of her own, but that’s a discussion for another time). Despite the similarities, this is not (as some have thought) a Black Widow origin story in disguise, though it could easily serve as one in a perfect world.

I’m very excited about this film: it is being directed by Francis Lawrence (notable for his work on The Hunger Games series) and the music is being composed by James Newton Howard (who also composed music for The Hunger Games series, which makes Red Sparrow something of a reunion). The cast also features Jeremy Irons, one of my favorite actors, playing a Russian general, and Joel Edgerton in the role of Nathaniel Nash, the CIA agent that Dominika falls for.

Given that this is a spy film (and the multiple twists of Atomic Blonde are still relatively fresh in my mind), I have to believe that there will be some kind of twist by the end of the story. It will most likely be revealed that either Dominika or Nathaniel (or possibly both) are using the other, which will likely result in one of them winding up dead (or, in a better case scenario, they both live but they also have to contend with whatever genuine feelings they may have held). I could be wrong on all counts, but it is always fun to speculate.

Watch the trailer for Red Sparrow at the link above and let me know what you think in the comments below. Are you excited about the story? I can’t wait to see it (it’s due to come out on March 2nd).

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