“Enterprise Clears Moorings” from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan


This is one of my favorite pieces from James Horner’s score for the second Star Trek motion picture. In this scene, Admiral Kirk has boarded the Enterprise as it is about to leave for what is supposed to be “a minor training cruise” with some cadets from Starfleet Academy. Right before they depart however, Captain Spock decides that Cadet Saavik should be the one to pilot the Enterprise out of space dock (even though she has never done so before).

McCoy: “Would you like a tranquilizer?”

The best part (in my opinion) begins at the moment when the ship begins to move out of space dock. The way Horner builds and swells the music, it reminds me always of an actual sailing ship moving out into the open water.


To hear the music in context, check out the clip below (music begins at 0:43)

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