Aladdin “The End” (1992)

At the conclusion of the reprise of “Prince Ali”, Aladdin, Abu and the magic carpet were whisked away to the ends of the Earth via a palace tower turned rocket. There, lost in the frozen wilderness, Aladdin finally comes to understand that a lot of this happened because he didn’t tell Jasmine the truth about who he really was. Vowing to set things right, he and Abu free the magic carpet from underneath the tower (which nearly crushes them in the process) and begin the race back to Agrabah.

And speaking of Agrabah, it seems that Jafar has been thoroughly enjoying himself. The elephant throne has been replaced by a cobra. The room itself is filled with huge piles of treasure; Jasmine is wearing a red version of her usual outfit (while chained) and Iago is having the time of his life stuffing the Sultan’s face with crackers (Iago had hated how the Sultan always made him eat crackers).

Now here’s the crazy thing: Jafar literally has anything anyone could possibly want: he’s the Sultan, he’s the most powerful sorcerer EVER, he has more wealth than he could spend in a lifetime, a lovely Princess at his beck and call, but is that enough for him? NOPE! He still has one wish left to use: he wants the Genie to make Jasmine fall in love with him (Jafar). The Genie tries to explain (as he did with Aladdin) that there are certain things a Genie can’t do, but Jafar won’t listen. While the two are arguing, Jasmine spots Aladdin behind a curtain trying to sneak up on the lamp so he can get it back. Knowing a distraction is required, Jasmine puts on the performance of a lifetime and pretends that the Genie really has made her fall in love with him. Jafar is (disgustingly) thrilled and while Jasmine flatters him to the moon, Aladdin sneaks closer and closer, when suddenly a gagged-by-Abu Iago (who has already spotted Aladdin) knocks over a fruit dish! Jafar turns to see where the noise is coming from but Jasmine pulls him back with a kiss! (YUCK!!!) It nearly works too, except Jafar then sees Aladdin reflected in Jasmine’s tiara!!!


Now the final battle begins, and suffice to say, Aladdin is heavily outmatched. Jafar begins to systematically destroy all of is friends: the magic carpet is unwound, Abu is turned into a toy monkey and Jasmine is trapped in a rapidly filling hourglass. It’s a race for Aladdin to get the lamp and free Jasmine, but things are about to get a lot more difficult.

When Jafar continues to hold Aladdin off via his sorcery, the ex-Prince shouts “Aren’t you brave enough to fight me yourself, you cowardly snake!” Aladdin really shouldn’t have used the word snake, because Jafar decides to answer Aladdin with “A snake am I?Perhaps you’ll see how snake-like I can be!” while he turns into a gigantic cobra!! While in this form, Aladdin does get a few strikes in, but it’s not long before Jafar has Aladdin wrapped firmly in his coils.Everything has come to a head: Jasmine is moments away from being buried alive, none of Aladdin’s friends can help him, not even the Genie…or can he? Aladdin has one last gamble and it’s a big one:

Aladdin: The Genie, The genie! The Genie has more power than you’ll ever have!

Jafar: What?

Aladdin: He GAVE you your power, he can TAKE it back! Face it Jafar, you’re STILL just second best!


Based on Jafar’s dialogue about power, Aladdin has figured out that Jafar is obsessed with becoming the most powerful there ever was, he can’t live with the idea that something somewhere is more powerful than he! So, he plays on the fact that the Genie possesses more power than Jafar does: this IS true, but what Aladdin is leaving out is the fact that a Genie’s near omnipotent power is always constrained by a lamp. Completely unaware of this, Jafar uses his final wish: to become an all-powerful Genie! This done, Jafar transforms into a terrifyingly huge red genie, all the power he ever wanted is finally his! But there’s a big catch: a black lamp has appeared, which Aladdin now takes possession of.

Aladdin: Hey Jafar, aren’t you forgetting something?

(Jafar looks down in puzzlement)

Aladdin: You wanted to be a Genie? You got it!

Jafar: (golden wrist bands appear) WHAT??

Aladdin: And everything that goes with it! (the lamp begins to suck Jafar inside as he screams in rage) Phenomenal cosmic powers….itty bitty living space!


With Jafar safely trapped inside the lamp, everything goes back to normal, only there’s still a big dilemma. Jasmine is still very much in love with Aladdin, but the law forbids her to marry anyone who isn’t a prince! However, in the Sultan’s eyes, Aladdin has proved himself to be more than worthy of Jasmine’s hand, so he decides to change the law. From now on, the princess may marry “whomever she deems worthy.” Which means Jasmine and Aladdin can get married after all! All that leaves now is the Genie, who is more than happy to use Aladdin’s final wish to make him a Prince again, but Aladdin has a better idea: he’s going to give the Genie his freedom! The golden bands disappear and the Genie is ecstatic to discover that no one can command him to do anything! The Genie is going to leave and explore the world now that he’s free, but you get the feeling that he’ll be back eventually.

At the end now, the sky explodes in fireworks as Aladdin and Jasmine proclaim their love for each other once more. The two ride off into the night sky, but there’s one last surprise: the moon is revealed to have the Genie’s face and then:


Genie: Made you look!!

And that’s the end!! I hope you enjoyed visiting the world of Aladdin, like I said at the top, I’m going to focus on individual Disney songs and other film music moments for a while.

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