My Thoughts on: Slayers Great (1997)


*warning: spoilers below!

Slayers Great is the third Slayers movie and was released in 1997. Of all the Slayers films I watched this past weekend, this might just be my favorite. In this story, Lina and Naga find themselves in a town where golems (artificial creatures of clay animated by magic) are common place and the skill to make them is highly prized. As fate would have it, Lina and Naga end up on opposites sides of a conflict between two nobles who want to take control of this particular town. Each wants to secretly build an army of golems to help them rule the world, but they need to gain power first. That’s where our sorceresses come in. Each is coerced into helping a golem maker (who happen to be father and son) with a special golem that will be used in a contest to see which noble has the more powerful creation. But things quickly get complicated.

The awesome eternally bickering dynamic between Lina and Naga is back in full swing and I love watching every minute of it. As I think I’ve mentioned before, Lina and Naga will fight for the smallest of reasons (particularly if Naga points out Lina’s flat chest) and it’s fun to watch Lina when she gets angry.


The boiling feud between the two sorceresses culminates in a hilarious golem battle where Lina and Naga find themselves each trapped in a golem based on…well, them! But here’s where it gets funny: Naga’s golem is an almost perfect (albeit giant sized) depiction of herself (skimpy outfit and all). While Lina’s golem is….well, picture a cute Chibi-Lina and you’ve just about got it. Lina’s reaction to being trapped inside a super-cute version of herself is super fun to watch (she’s FURIOUS!). Things get dialed up to eleven when the sorceresses discover they can cast magic through their golems as well and destructive mayhem ensues. Also, I should mention that seeing a giant golem version of Naga is somewhat terrifying, especially when she starts up with that laugh.

In conclusion, Slayers Great is really, really funny. Fans of the series will definitely enjoy this movie. Let me know what you think about Slayers Great in the comments below and have a great day!

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