My Thoughts on: Slayers Revolution (season 4) (2008)

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My oh my, how the time can fly. Who’d have thought that after the conclusion of Slayers TRY, that over ten years would pass before the adventures of Lina Inverse would continue. That’s right, Slayers Revolution didn’t arrive until 2008, and by then the world of anime was very different from what it had been in 1997. The fourth season is now drawn using digital animation, but don’t worry, everyone is still recognizable, and thankfully most of the original voice actors have returned (Xellos, however, has been noticeably recast and I’m not a fan of that change).

Slayers Revolution starts with an absolutely hilarious story, so funny that I have to share it. The season starts with Lina finding herself under arrest for the crime…of being Lina Inverse! And what makes it even funnier? Every time Lina gets arrested for this “crime” she turns to find Gourry, Zelgadis, and Amelia huddled together secretly agreeing that there’s no arguing with this “evidence” much to Lina’s growing frustration.


That humorous interlude aside, the real plot of season 4 finds Lina in conflict with a mysterious creature named Pokota (he reminds me of a Pokemon), who is far more than what he appears to be. However, the surprises of who and what Pokota really is don’t compare to the other bombshell this season drops. Out of nowhere, the story brings up none other than Rezo the Red Priest (you know, the villain of season 1?) Of all the characters to choose from, I never thought to hear Rezo’s name again.

I like Slayers Revolution for the most part, however something about it bothers me. Late in the season we’re introduced to something known as “Zanaffar Armor” something that hasn’t been referenced in the series before now, and yet I get the feeling that everyone acts like we (the audience) should know exactly what that armor is and what it does. Let’s just say I was confused for a couple of episodes before certain things were explained. I just feel like that plot detail could have been handled better. Otherwise, I really do like Slayers Revolution. It’s a shame there’s only one more season to talk about after this one.

What do you think about Slayers Revolution? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and have a great day!

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