Frozen “Love is an Open Door” (2013)

As I said in my official review of the film, one of the great things about Frozen is the way it subverts the traditional Disney love story. At first, it looks like Anna and Hans are going to have the “love at first sight” relationship that has (for better or worse) defined Disney for most of its history. They meet on Elsa’s coronation day, appear to be instantly smitten, and have a wonderful time at the following party. During this latter time, they also engage in the traditional Disney love song, which usually goes something along the lines of “my life was incomplete before I met you, now I’m so happy, etc.”

The presence of “Love is an Open Door” at the beginning of the film should in hindsight be a big clue that things are not going to end well between Anna and Hans. Seriously, think about the nature of this song. Doesn’t it sound like something you’d hear at the end of the story, after going through trials and tribulations and the couple realize they’ve found that perfect one? It sounds exactly like that, only Anna and Hans have literally just met.

Okay, can I just, say something crazy?
I love crazy!

All my life has been a series of doors in my face
And then suddenly I bump into you

I was thinking the same thing! ‘Cause like…
I’ve been searching my whole life to find my own place
And maybe it’s the party talking or the chocolate fondue

But with you…
But with you I found my place
I see your face

And it’s nothing like I’ve ever known before
Love is an open door
Love is an open door


Right here we can see that Anna’s definition of love is way off base. Since her only sister has stayed behind her closed bedroom door, Anna now defines love as “an open door” which translates to anyone paying her attention. Not to state the obvious, but that isn’t love. Poor Anna is so excited that someone (an admittedly handsome someone) is paying attention to her that she falls in love (or at least thinks she does) on the spot.

Love is an open door

With you!
With you!
With you!
With you!
Love is an open door…

I mean it’s crazy
We finish each other’s—
That’s what I was gonna say!

I’ve never met someone
Who thinks so much like me!
Jinx! Jinx again!
Our mental synch-ro-ni-zation
Can have but one explanation:

And I-
Meant to be!


Here’s another detail that suggests there really isn’t anything to this whirlwind “romance.” Notice that for most of the song, Hans is following Anna’s lead with what to say. The best example might be when he says “We finish each other’s-” and you expect the finish to be “sentences” but as soon as Anna blurts out “sandwiches” Hans is like “Yes I was going to say that!” Right…because everyone talks about finishing each other’s sandwiches. Again, in hindsight, it’s clear that Hans is only saying what Anna wants to hear (and the smitten princess is oblivious).

Say goodbye…
Say goodbye…

To the pain of the past
We don’t have to feel it anymore
Love is an open door
Love is an open door
Life can be so much more

With you!
With you!
With you!
With you!
Love is an open door…
Can I say something crazy? Will you marry me?
Can I say something even crazier? Yes!

With all of this being said, I love “Love is an Open Door.” It’s a brilliant parody of Disney romance songs and provides some levity before everything goes south with Elsa and her ice powers (which is literally the next big development in the story once Anna and Hans drop the bombshell that they want to get married despite having just met each other).

Let me know what you think about “Love is an Open Door” in the comments below and have a great day!

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