Bambi “Looking For Romance” (1942)

When last we saw Bambi and company, the young Prince had just won a hard-fought battle so he could claim Faline as his mate. Now that they’re together, it’s time for the obligatory Disney love song between the new couple. I owe Disney a great apology regarding this song. When I was younger, I was bored STIFF by this section because we’d just had this awesome fight and now we have this “mushy stuff” that seems to go on forever and ever before the story gets good again. But now that I’m much, much older, I can appreciate the animation and the song itself. “Looking for Romance” is ostensibly sung by Bambi and Faline as they run through the meadow at night together, and travel through other parts of the forest. In reality, the song is performed by Donald Novis and the Disney Chorus.

I bring you a song
And I sing as I go
For I want you to know
That I’m looking for romance

I bring you a song
In the hope that you’ll see
When you’re looking at me
That I’m looking for love

I’m seeking that glow
Only found when you’re young and it’s May
Only found on that wonderful day
When all longing is through

I’m seeking that glow
Only found when a thrill is complete
Only found when two hearts gently beat
To the strains of a waltz that’s both tender and new

I bring you a song
For I’m seeking romance
You’re by my side

There’s a moon up above
It shines with a light that’s so mellow and bright
It’s easy to see that tonight we shall fall in love

I bring you a song
For I’m seeking romance
And you

Watching this scene, it’s beautiful how the animators were able to realize moonlight so convincingly. One of my favorite moments (apart from the music) is when you see two birds go flying through the night, with the moonlight causing them to glow. It’s a gorgeous moment and the last real slow moment of the film because things are about to get very dangerous once again for Bambi and all his friends.

Let me know what you think about “Looking For Romance” in the comments below and have a great day!

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