Rock-a-Doodle “Sun Do Shine” (1991)

I still have mixed emotions when I think about Rock-a-Doodle. On the one hand, I remember liking this film quite a lot when I was little. On the other hand, I also remember certain scenes in this film traumatizing me. Somewhere in the middle of these recollections are my love of the songs in this film. For all the problems that this film has (and it has quite a few), the songs are an undeniable bright spot. And the brightest spot of all (no pun intended) is the opening song of the film “Sun Do Shine.” Actually, this song is so bright that I almost feels it gives a false impression as to how the rest of the film will go.

You see, “Sun Do Shine” is extremely bright and cheery, introducing us to an idyllic farm overseen by the golden-voiced Chanticleer (Glen Campbell), a rooster who summons the sun each morning and keeps rain away simply with the power of his voice. The entire setting is super idyllic, which really should be our first clue that things will soon go horribly wrong (and boy do they ever!)


Woah! Yodele-eeeeeeeee-heeeeee!

Cockadoo what a day
The sun is shinin’ brightly
Cockadoo sunny day
Down here on the farm
Cockadoo stay away
You big ol’ wet ol’ rain cloud
Or I’ll cry out loud with this voice of mine


Sun do shine
(Sun do shine, sun do shine, sun do shine)
Sun do shine
(Sun do shine, sun do shine, sun do shine)
Sun do shine
(Sun do shine, sun do shine, sun do shine)

Well, my daddy taught me how to sing
And that’s why this voice means everything

Sun do shine, you better shine
(You better shine)

(repeats several times)

In case it wasn’t obvious, Glen Campbell based Chanticleer’s performance on Elvis Presley (it becomes even more obvious later on when the rooster becomes known as “the King” in the big city).

“Sun Do Shine” serves to introduce us to the major animal characters on the farm, including the ones that will help Edmond bring Chanticleer back. Me personally, I like this song, I especially like the beginning when the camera zooms toward Chanticleer as he sings.

What do you think about “Sun Do Shine”? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and have a great day!

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