Brian Tyler “Power Rangers” scoring session (2017)

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Power Rangers scoring session (2017)

This may be the fastest I’ve ever released a scoring session of a film relative to the film’s premiere (the film came out five days ago). In the hype leading up to the release of Power Rangers, and the endless debate of “will this be any good?”, I somehow missed that Brian Tyler would be composing the score for this film. Tyler has been a rising force in the world of film music for the last decade and I was immediately curious to hear what his work for this film sounded like.

Lo and behold….I found a scoring session for the film. It’s tantalizingly short, only sixty seconds in length, but what I can hear is beautiful! I have no idea where in the film this music comes from, but it is very well-crafted and it is clear that Tyler is in his element as a composer and conductor.

Despite this, I still don’t think I will see Power Rangers anytime soon. Of course, I grew up watching Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers way back in the 90s, and I saw a few of the later series on occasion (Mystic Force is still my favorite), but my tastes have greatly changed since then and the film simply holds no interest for me (though I AM pleased that one of the rangers is on the autistic spectrum). However, I may have to get my hands on the soundtrack to hear the rest of this gorgeous music.

I hope you enjoy watching Brian Tyler score a section of Power Rangers, and get ready: this is only the first of many Brian Tyler sessions that I’ve found (I really think you’re going to like them too).

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