FernGully: The Last Rainforest “Toxic Love” (1992)


FernGully: The Last Rainforest “Toxic Love” (1992)

It’s a shame that FernGully: The Last Rainforest is such an underrated film today because it features one of the more terrifying animated villains of the 90s: Hexxus, the spirit of destruction. Hexxus is voiced by Tim Curry (and I don’t think any actor could have done it better) and was originally sealed away in a tree by Magi many thousands of years ago. However, when that tree is cut down by humans, Hexxus escapes as a literal ball of slime and slips into the Leveler machine to regain his strength. Once inside, the dark spirit feeds off the pollution the machine gives off until he regains his form as an oily, black spirit. He’s so delighted with the Leveler that he sings about how this can help him get revenge at last.

Hit me one time!
Hit me twice!
Oh, aaah!
That’s rather nice!

Oil and grime
Poison sludge
Diesel clouds and
Noxious muck
Slime beneath me
Slime up above
Ooh, you’ll love my
Toxic love


I see the world
And all the creatures in it
(All the creatures in it)
I suck ’em dry
And spit ’em out like spinach

‘Cause greedy human beings
Will always lend a hand
With the destruction of this
Worthless jungle land
And what a beautiful machine
They have provided
To slice a path of doom!
With my sweet breath to guide it

Filthy, brown
Acid rain
Pouring down like
Egg chow mein
Slime beneath me
Slime up above
Ooh, you’ll love my 
Toxic love

Now while Hexxus, in his spirit form, comes off as this suave (but thoroughly evil) being, let’s not forget that he initially manifests as a skeleton (a form he returns to at the climax of the film). Hexxus is the personification of destruction and pollution and he hates all living and growing things. If he had his way, the Earth would be reduced to a lifeless wasteland. It’s a scary thought and “Toxic Love” is a scary song. It’s a reminder that if we continue to build destructive machines, we in turn can release destructive forces that cannot be controlled upon the world.

What do you think about “Toxic Love”? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and have a great day!

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