Pinocchio “Little Wooden Head” (1940)


When we first meet Geppetto the toymaker, it’s through the eyes of Jiminy Cricket, who is stopping by the toymaker’s shop/home for theDisturbing Disney #1: The Coachman in Pinocchio (1940) night. The elderly toymaker has just finished his latest creation, a wooden marionette he dubs Pinocchio (which means “pine eye” because he was carved from a block of pine wood).

Delighted with how Pinocchio has turned out, Geppetto winds up a music box and dances with the little puppet while singing “Little Wooden Head.”

Little wooden head, go play your part
Bring a little joy to every heart
Little do you know and yet it’s true
That I’m mighty proud of you
Little wooden feet and best of all
Little wooden seat in case you fall
(How graceful!)
My little wooden head!

Geppetto then introduces Pinocchio to his two pets, Cleo the goldfish and Figaro the cat. While Cleo is delighted, Figaro is quite jealous (it doesn’t help that Geppetto uses the puppet to have some fun at the cat’s expense).

Little does Geppetto suspect that the little puppet he loves so much will soon be brought to life by the Blue Fairy after he makes a wish on the Wishing Star. This is a very short song but it quickly establishes that Geppetto is a good and kindly man who loves to bring joy to others through the toys he makes (this is why the Blue Fairy grants his wish).

What do you think of “Little Wooden Head”? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and have a great day!

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4 thoughts on “Pinocchio “Little Wooden Head” (1940)

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