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RIP Jim Nabors (1930-2017)


The sad news broke yesterday that the legendary Jim Nabors, famous for his role as Gomer Pyle in The Andy Griffith Show and Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. passed away at the age of 87. He entertained audiences for decades, not just as the lovable Gomer, but also with his magnificent singing voice. In fact, I’ll never forget the first time I heard him sing; it was in an episode of Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. and for whatever reason Gomer was going to sing at a club (I don’t remember why, in fact I don’t even remember the song) and to my unending surprise when he started singing this beautiful deep voice came out. It was so different from his “regular” voice that I was convinced he’d been dubbed over, and when I told my parents this they insisted that no, that was his real singing voice. I was entranced ever since.

Jim Nabors “Back Home Again in Indiana” (2014)

Outside of television, Nabors might best be remembered as the one who serenaded racing fans with the song “Back Home Again in Indiana” at the start of the Indianapolis 500, a tradition he maintained for over 30 years (his final performance of the song came in 2014).

Rest in peace Jim Nabors, you are sorely missed.


Film Music Central turns 2!!


Happy Bloggiversary!! Today Film Music Central is officially TWO years old! And how this blog has grown in the last year! This time last year, I took stock and noted that the blog had 261 followers. Well, as of today, Film Music Central has 423 followers and I’m confident of hitting 500 within a few months if not sooner.

I continue to be overwhelmed by all the support and feedback I’ve received in the past two years. Launching this blog was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. In the past year, I’ve gotten to interview film composers, listen to exclusive soundtracks, and my audience has expanded to new heights!

Year 3 is going to be interesting. Right now I’m on track to graduate at the beginning of May, but I’m not sure where I will be in terms of employment. Rest assured the blog isn’t going anywhere, but it is possible (depending on where I am after graduation) that I will be blogging less, but I hope that is not the case.

At any rate, right now I’m happy to celebrate that the blog is still going strong after 2 years and here’s to many more! Cheers!!

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Out of town for conference

Hey everyone!

This is just a reminder to let everyone know that I will be out of town the rest of the week, so there will be no blogging while I’m gone. But there is a LOT to look forward to when I get back: I’m reviewing the soundtracks for The Walking Dead, Murder on the Orient Express, and more! Also, Film Music Central will be celebrating its second anniversary!!

See you when I get back!

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Soundtrack Review: Flatliners (2017)


Just this weekend, Flatliners premiered in movie theaters and was promptly pronounced DOA. The film is a remake of the 1990 film of the same name and it follows five medical students who decide to find out if there is a life after death by “flatlining” (stopping their hearts) for one minute and then being brought back with a defibrillator. While they do indeed find evidence of an afterlife, they also bring unexpected consequences back with them.

Even though this new Flatliners is turning out to be a dud, I thought it would still be interesting to look at the soundtrack which was composed by the 2 time Emmy nominated composer Nathan Barr (for his work on The Americans and Hemlock Grove).

I started with the “Main Title” which, not surprisingly, reminded me very strongly of a fluctuating heartbeat with the heavy drumbeat mixed in with some minimal electronic music. Considering this film centers around people deliberately stopping their hearts, it makes perfect sense to reference heartbeats in the music.

Another track I checked out was “Stop My Heart.” Oddly (at least to me), this track came across as having a very Eastern type of sound, which I found I really liked. I’m not sure if this track covers the moments leading up to the heart beings stopped or what she saw while she was dead, but I thought it was a good piece of music.

And even as I wrote that last part I discovered I was wrong because “Courtney’s Flatline” just took my breath away. This track HAS to cover what she saw during her near-death experience, it is far too triumphant and wonder-filled to be about anything else. There are soaring trumpets, strings, clearly she is seeing something amazing (and I say that without having seen the film). And then, something interesting happens: the music begins to turn “weird.” Given that this is a semi-horror film where something cool turns out to have terrifying consequences, this is probably the part where Courtney sees something scary or her vision turns dark (or something of this nature). This is definitely one of my favorite tracks from the soundtrack (which makes it a shame that the film isn’t doing well, good music is often buried when a film does poorly).

And just to keep things even, I then had to listen to “Marlo’s Flatline” to see if it differed from “Courtney’s Flatline” and if so, how? Well, it’s similar AND different at the same time. The same “weird” music from “Courtney’s Flatline” reappears, somewhat quicker in tempo, but the main difference is that the “triumphant” music from “Courtney’s Flatline” is nowhere to be heard. Clearly Marlo’s experience is darker than Courtney’s (which makes sense, that’s how films like this typically go).


There is definitely some good music in this soundtrack, so if you get the chance, please listen to the soundtrack if you get the chance. Nathan Barr has put in some good tracks here and I really enjoyed listening to them (especially “Courtney’s Flatline.”)

I hope you enjoyed this look into the soundtrack for Flatliners. If you watch the film, let me know what you thought about it (and the music). My thanks to The Krakower Group for making this soundtrack available for review.

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Ask me Anything!

Since I’ve made it to 400 followers (thanks again, you guys are awesome!), I decided it was time for another round of “ask me anything.” In the comments below, ask me whatever you want (but keep it clean of course) and I will do my best to answer.

Can’t wait to hear your questions, have a good Tuesday!

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Achievement Unlocked: 400 Followers!!

Yes! Yes! YES!! I was teetering on the edge for what felt like an eternity but it has finally happened! Film Music Central has 400 followers and I am over the MOON!! I love reaching these milestones because with each one I feel like I’m that much closer to fulfilling my dream of being a big-time blogger (I mean we all have to start somewhere right?) I could not have gotten nearly this far without all of you wonderful people, so thank you for sticking with the blog, and here’s to the next 100 followers!

As promised, since I reached a new milestone, tomorrow you can “ask me anything” (but keep it clean please) and I will answer 🙂 (I’ll put up a post in the morning announcing as much, just ask your questions in the comments)

Thanks again everyone! 400 followers, WOOHOO!!!!!!