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Teaser for Annihilation (2018)

Oh wow, I’m not even sure where to begin with this one. It’s the end of September so naturally we’re starting to get teasers of what will be coming early next year (like we’ve already gotten teasers for Black Panther and Ready Player One, for example). Annihilation (2018), directed by Alex Garland, was nowhere NEAR my movie radar until I saw (and then remembered) that Garland also directed Ex Machina (2015), a film that I saw and loved so much that I added it to my dissertation. Take a minute and watch the teaser below:

Annihilation (2018) teaser trailer

I’m not quite sure WHAT all of this is about, but it looks amazing, like in a really good way. And this is all based off a book? I need to read this book, like yesterday!! This is some kind of science fiction film (which is always a good thing), but I can’t figure out if this is taking place on Earth or some other planet. It LOOKS to me like there is some kind of virus (?) or some type of organism that “infects” humans and turns them into plants. This is solely based on what I’ve seen but now I need to find the book and get an idea of this story.

The film releases in February, and I am definitely going to go see it. And after seeing this trailer, I bet you’ll be going to see it too.

Coming up from me will be a soundtrack review for Goodbye Christopher Robin (courtesy of The Krakower Group). Have a good Thursday!

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