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Breaking down the new trailers that dropped for Super Bowl Sunday

While yours truly completely skipped the Super Bowl (with no regrets), I couldn’t help but notice the various trailers that dropped during the event. So I thought I would spend today highlighting and breaking down the trailers that stood out to me the most. Here we go!

  • Solo: A Star Wars Story (FINALLY!)


Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer #1

Everyone, mark your calendars. We have finally received a trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story with 109 days to go before the film is released into theaters. At this stage, I was desperately hoping that seeing some footage would change my opinion about this movie (which is basically what happened with Rogue One, as soon as I saw the trailer I was super excited); but after watching the teaser AND the full trailer….I have a bad feeling about this. Oh sure, the visuals look impressive as always, it has the right “feel” to it, but everything else is just…off. Han doesn’t look like Han, Lando doesn’t look like Lando, though I’m impressed that it sounds like they’re keeping the origin story where Han was originally in the Imperial Academy but got thrown out (in the EU it was for freeing Chewbacca, but in the trailer he says “for having a mind of my own.” We’ll see if it boils down to the same thing). Maybe I’m over-examining this film, but it just doesn’t seem like it will be any good (share your thoughts in the comments below, I’d love to be proven wrong).

  • Mission Impossible: Fallout


Mission Impossible: Fallout Trailer #1

With all of the hype focused on Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War, I completely forgot that there’s a new Mission Impossible film coming out this summer. The sixth film in the saga, recently titled Mission Impossible: Fallout, released its first trailer during the Super Bowl and boy, oh boy, it sounds like the conspiracy theorists were right. If you haven’t watched the last few films (from MI:3 through Rogue Nation), there’s been a steadily growing theory that Ethan Hunt is being primed to go fully “rogue” against the IMF and the system in general. This can allegedly be seen in how, in every successive film, Ethan is pushed closer and closer to “crossing the line” and achieving his mission at ANY cost. If the new trailer is any indication, Ethan has finally reached his breaking point and there will be hell to pay. Ilsa Faust (from Rogue Nation) returns as well, and it sounds like she and Ethan are coming into conflict once again. It sounds like the main scuffle will be over plutonium (with references made to the CIA as well). As always, it looks like Luther Reigns is returning, along with Benji, and I suspect Henry Cavill is eventually going to fill in the spot that is usually taken by Jeremy Renner’s William Brandt. This is one film I’m definitely excited to see this summer. Let me know your thoughts on the trailer in the comments below.

  • Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Trailer #2

Alright, color me intrigued. A part of me still wants to disavow the Jurassic World series entirely because nothing will ever live up to the original Jurassic Park, but this new trailer is actually quite good (and also incredibly frightening). Seeing the dinosaur creep into the girl’s bedroom not only freaked me out, but it gave me flashbacks to The Lost World: Jurassic Park (when that T-Rex got loose in the city). One plot point annoys me though: it seems that we’ll be dealing with another genetically engineered dinosaur, similar to the Indominus Rex from the previous film, though it appears to be smaller (and possibly based on Velociraptor?) Clearly the new antagonists of this movie fall under the “too stupid to live” category, because they either don’t know (or don’t care) about what happened with the Indominus Rex. I’ll probably end up watching this film out of curiosity, let me know what you thought of the trailer in the comments below.

  • Avengers Infinity War


Avengers: Infinity War TV Spot

At last, another glimpse at what is surely going to be the biggest film of the summer! While it was only a thirty second spot, it only whetted my appetite for this film even more. Captain America has a new shield (that looks wicked awesome!), Spider-Man is going into space on that ring thing (that surely can’t end well), Thor is still with the Guardians of the Galaxy (which I still love so much) and for some reason I find seeing Iron Man interact with Dr. Strange to be one of the coolest things ever! We have just under three months to go until this movie finally gets here!

And those are the Super Bowl trailers that stood out to me the most! What did you think of them? Are you excited to finally see footage from Solo: A Star Wars Story? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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The Avengers: Infinity War trailer is here!


Avengers: Infinity War trailer

It’s here…it’s finally here!! Finally a solid look at the film we’ve all been waiting for since this crazy train started rolling with Iron Man all the way back in 2008. The first trailer for Avengers: Infinity War is finally here! And oh.my.goodness. I think my brain just about exploded with visual overload.

There is so much jam-packed into this trailer I’m not honestly sure that I can break it all down, but I’ll try:

  • Thanos is here on Earth: This is an “Oh SH**” moment if ever I saw one. It’s been building and building and the Mad Titan is finally on our planet (and he’s seen placing Infinity stones into the Infinity Gauntlet)
  • Loki DOES have the Tesseract: Why am I not surprised? But the question is, what is he doing with it? It almost looks like he used it to open the portal that lets Thanos walk onto Earth, but that could be a red herring.
  • Captain America is in Wakanda: “Get this man a shield” might be one of my favorite lines from the trailer, and I’m kind of digging the beard. We haven’t even seen the Black Panther film yet (that comes out in February) but it was awesome to get another look at Wakanda. It looks like Captain America, Bucky, Hulk, Black Panther obviously and others are there leading the charge against…aliens?
  • Not Vision!!!: So that shot of the Infinity Stone being forcefully removed from Vision’s forehead…does that mean he’s going to die? Because as I remember it in Age of Ultron, that stone is the reason he came alive in the first place and without it I’m almost certain he can’t exist.
  • Spidey-senses: So I haven’t gotten around to watching Spider-Man: Homecoming (my apologies, I’ve been very busy) but I AM excited to see Spider-Man in this film. Seeing the moment the hairs on his arm stand up straight (surely his spidey-senses at work) was an awesome moment, not to mention that wickedly awesome suit he’s wearing! Another question though: what IS that huge circle thing? It can’t be anything good, that’s for sure.
  • Falcon takes to the skies: need I say anything more?
  • Black Widow is a blonde: I’m not sure how I feel about this, I like her with red hair
  • Dr. Strange and Iron Man in the same scene: YES!!!!!
  • But the best part of all might be Thor meeting the Guardians of the Galaxy, I can’t wait to see that scene play out in full.

We only have to wait until May 4th, 2018 to see the fulfillment of this stage of the MCU. And I for one can’t wait! What do you think about the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War? Let me know in the comments below!

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