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Varèse Sarabande Announces Titles for Record Store Day 2022

Varèse Sarabande Records will be releasing five amazing soundtrack LPs on Record Store Day 2022: Blue Velvet will be released as a 2-LP Deluxe Edition, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift as a double LP with collector’s edition etching, John Williams’ The Cowboys Deluxe Edition on 2-disc gold vinyl, Mimic on green vinyl in an original triptych jacket and Big Night on crystal clear vinyl.

These Varèse Sarabande Records titles will be available on April 23, 2022, at thousands of independent record stores. For a list of participating stores and more information about these special LPs, visit RecordStoreDay.com.

Blue Velvet – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Deluxe Edition) by Angelo Badalamenti

Blue Velvet is David Lynch’s unforgettable 1986 masterwork, starring Kyle MacLachlan as a curious college student, Isabella Rossellini as a tormented lounge singer and Dennis Hopper as an emotional gas-sniffing psychopath. 


Side A

  1. Main Titles (From the Motion Picture “Blue Velvet”) 1:25
  2. Night Streets / Sandy And Jeffrey 3:37
  3. Frank 3:33
  4. Jeffrey’s Dark Side 1:49
  5. Mysteries Of Love 2:10
  6. Frank Returns 4:38
  7. Mysteries Of Love 4:18

Side B

  1. Blue Velvet / Blue Star – Montage 1:49
  2. Lumberton U.S.A. / Going Down To Lincoln – Sound Effects Suite 2:12
  3. Akron Meets The Blues 2:41
  4. Blue Velvet 2:50
  5. Honky Tonk Part I 3:11
  6. In Dreams 2:49
  7. Love Letters 2:44
  8. Mysteries Of Love 4:24

Side C

  1. Alcron Meets The Blues 1:04
  2. Lumberton U.S.A. Radio Ad 0:16
  3. Timpo 0:23
  4. Ribbon Scissor 0:20
  5. Going Down To Lincoln 1:41
  6. Organs And Sirens 1:11
  7. Sandy And Jeffery 0:25
  8. Dorothy Alone 0:19
  9. Mount Frank’s Eruption aka Frank (Film Version Without Clarinet) 3:36
  10. Sloe Club Boys 0:25
  11. High Gentle Memories 1:02
  12. Stalking Out 0:22
  13. Yellow Man 1:03
  14. Sandy And Jeffrey 0:47
  15. Ominously Yours II  0:54
  16. Ominously Yours IV  0:41
  17. Organ (Version 3) / Mysteries Of Love 4:11

Side D

  1. Organ Toots And Sirens  1:17
  2. Cue 61A  1:13
  3. Cue 05  0:54
  4. Cue 09  0:55
  5. Cue 09A  0:29
  6. Cue 13  1:38
  7. Cue 16  0:24
  8. Cue 21 & 24  0:46
  9. Cue 27  1:54
  10. Cue 36  0:34
  11. Cue 46  1:14
  12. Cue 48  0:47
  13. Cue 50  1:04
  14. Cue 56  1:21
  15. Cue 65 PT  0:51 
  16. Cue D  0:56
  17. Cue 65  3:06

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift – Original Motion Picture Score by Brian Tyler

The Fast and the Furious is the most successful movie franchise of all time, with almost 6.5 billion dollars in box office receipts from ten films over the past 20 years. Tokyo Drift is often cited as one of the best of the lot, and the musical score is definitely one of the most lauded among score fans. Brian Tyler (Scream, Thor, Avengers) scored Tokyo Drift(with an assist from Slash on “Welcome to Tokyo”) and went on to the score four of the five subsequent films.  Never before available on LP, the text-only cover on the CD and digital formats has been replaced with an original design which incorporates Japanese manga art styles. This double album features an orange LP for sides A and B, and a black vinyl record for sides C and D, with side D a stencil of the scarab beetle design from the car belonging to the Drift King. 


Side A:

  1. Touge 0:46
  2. The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift 7:05
  3. Saucin’ 4:28
  4. Neela Drifts 3:27
  5. Preparation 1:10
  6. N2O 0:49
  7. Mustang Nismo 2:21
  8. Underground 1:33

Side B:

  1. Hot Fuji 1:55
  2. This Is My Mexico 1:23
  3. Welcome To Tokyo (written by Slash and Brian Tyler) 1:54
  4. DK VS Han 3:32
  5. Downtown Tokyo Chase 2:33
  6. Aftermath 1:22
  1. Empty Garage 1:01
  2. DK’s Revenge 1:09
  3. Journey Backwards 0:58
  4. Sumo 1:37
  5. Sean’s Crazy Idea 2:24
  6. Dejection 1:12

Side C:

  1. Kamata 1:32
  1. Two Guns 1:29
  2. I Gotta Do This 1:14
  3. Megaton 2:16
  4. Neela Confronts DK 1:47
  5. Winner … Gets … Me 1:21
  6. War Theory 1:54
  7. I Don’t Need You To Save Me 0:57
  8. Neela 1:44
  9. Symphonic Touge 6:50

The Cowboys – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Deluxe Edition) by John Williams

This 50th anniversary release celebrates John Wayne and one of his finest twilight westerns with a score composed by the living legend, John Williams. The Cowboys was the maestro’s biggest pre-Star Wars score, and a much-needed restoration job—featuring a complete rebuild, remix, remastering and expansion to 36 tracks (including unearthed alternate takes)—was done for a 3,000-unit, limited-edition CD re-issue that came out in 2018 and has since sold out. The first-ever official LP release, this double-record gatefold includes extensive notes and original photos and is pressed on gold vinyl exclusively for RSD 2022.


Side A

1.         Overture 2:32

2.         The Cowboys – Main Title 3:25

3.         The Hands Quit 1:44

4.         The Boys 1:04

5.         Wil And Ann 2:35

6.         The Kids And Crazy Alice 2:02

7.         Graveyard 0:48

8.         Anybody That Tall 1:13

9.         Training Montage 1:33

10.       Long Hair And The Roundup 2:27

11.       Nightlinger’s Tale 1:48

Side B

2.         To Belle Fourche 1:45

3.         The First Night 1:57

4.         Burning Daylight 1:03

5.         Learning The Ropes (Vivaldi Concerto in D) 1:17

6.         Sour Mash 2:04

7.         Mrs. Collingwood’s Girls 1:41

8.         Long Hair’s Threat 1:20

9.         Entr’acte 2:26

10.       Afraid Of The Dark 1:42

11.       Charlie’s Demise 1:59

12.       Charlie’s Burial 1:37

Side C

1.         Long Hair Trails 4:07

2.         Long Hair And Dan 1:28

3.         Summer’s Over 1:50

4.         Drums Of Manhood And The Execution 5:55

5.         Into The Trap 2:18

6.         The Battle 1:27

7.         End Title And End Cast 2:22

Side D


1.         Entr’acte (Segment) 1:01

2.         Nightlinger’s Tale (Alternate) 1:47

3.         Long Hair’s Threat (Alternate) 1:26

4.         The Execution (Alternate) 4:21

5.         Into The Trap (Alternate) 2:17

6.         End Title And End Cast (Alternate) 2:23

7.         Exit Music 1:13

Mimic – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Marco Beltrami

Mimic was Guillermo del Toro’s first big budget English language film and the second film composed by Marco Beltrami who had just completed his work on the original Scream. This soundtrack has never been released on vinyl and features fantastic new original artwork that uses a bespoke triptych jacket design to mimic the transformation of the Judas Breed. Pressed on green vinyl just for RSD 2022.


Side A:

  1. Main Title 2:51
  2. Race To The Subway 1:38
  3. Time To Separate 0:58
  4. Chuy Steps Out 3:20
  5. Manny Searches For His Son 1:51
  6. Slow Tango 2:15
  7. Chased By A Bug 1:16

Side B:

  1. Susan Meets Chuy 1:05
  2. Faulty Scaffolding 1:22
  3. Manny’s Tango 1:56
  4. Evil Among Us 1:10
  5. Confronting Terror 2:18
  6. The Lucistic’s Alive 1:28
  7. Reunited 2:51
  8. End Credits 2:01
  9. La Cucaracha 3:35

Big Night – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Various Artists

A breakout indie film success in 1996, Big Night has received new attention due to star and director Stanley Tucci’s best-selling book and Italian food-based program on CNN, Searching for Italy. The soundtrack was also a hit with viewers with its large serving of 1950s classics from Rosemary Clooney, Keely Smith and Louis Prima, whose persona plays a major character in the film. This record has never before been released on LP and is pressed on crystal clear vinyl exclusively for RSD 2022.


Side A:

  1. Claudio Villa – Stornelli Amorisi 8:00
  2. Matteo Salvatore – Il Pescivendolo 1:14
  3. Claudio Villa – La Strada Del Bosco 2:33
  4. Gary DeMichele – Art Of Art 2:26
  5. Louis Prima – Oh Marie 2:27
  6. Rosemary Clooney – Mambo Italiano – 02:31

Side B:

  1. Louis Prima And Keely Smith With Sam Butera – Love Of My Life (O Sole Mio) 3:45
  2. Gary DeMichele – Dinner 0:58
  3. Claudio Villa – Tic Ti, Tic Ta 2:42
  4. Louis Prima And The Witnesses – Five Months, Two Weeks, Two Days 2:09
  5. Keely Smith – Don’t Take Your Love From Me 3:05
  6. Louis Prima – Buona Sera 2:58
  7. Gary DeMichele – Angular Dissent 2:06
  8. Matteo Salvatore – Mo Ve’la Bella Mia Da La Muntagna 2:50
  9. Gary DeMichele – Pascal’s Waltz 1:21
  10. Gary DeMichele – Big Night Theme 0:48

Are you excited for these releases for Record Store Day 2022?

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Brian Tyler scoring Furious 7 (2015)

You might not have realized this, but Brian Tyler has been heavily involved in the Fast & Furious franchise for quite some time. His current scoring credits for the franchise include: The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift; Fast & Furious; Fast Five; Furious 7; and The Fate of the Furious.

Tyler’s impressive composition abilities bring a high-octane feeling to every score he’s worked on (or at least the three I’ve listened to, I haven’t seen the 3rd and 4th films yet), and Furious 7 is no exception. The behind-the-scenes video I found for Furious 7 shows snippets of scoring sessions for the film, as well as a glimpse into the mixing process. As you might expect for a film like Furious 7, filled with fast cars and windows into the world of the super-rich, the music is full of electronic tweaks, with remixes, reverbs, and a lot of percussion (provided by Tyler himself no less).

The music of the Fast & Furious films occupies an interesting space in my head. Given how loud these films are (with all the cars and chases), it’s not uncommon to forget this film has music at all. And here’s the genius of that: the music fits into the film so neatly that you don’t notice it. However, I guarantee that if someone made an edit of the film that took the music away, it wouldn’t take you long to notice the difference. That’s one of the things I love about Brian Tyler’s music, it just fits into the film, and that’s not an easy thing to do.

I would literally give an arm and a leg to hear Brian Tyler’s thoughts about how he went and put this score together, especially since it’s the last film to feature Paul Walker (six years later and his loss still hurts). However, until such time as I can find some more footage to share, I hope you enjoy this peek into the scoring of Furious 7.

Let me know what you think about Furious 7 (and it’s soundtrack) in the comments below and have a great day!

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